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Construction Technical Services, Inc. is a construction consulting firm that provides timely, dependable, and on-call project scheduling services at an economic price point.  Depending on the client's needs we can provide complete project scheduling services or work in a supportive role.

Construction Technical Services, Inc. provides superior services to companies seeking Critical Path Method project scheduling, construction management, and cost consulting services.  These services are provided by a licensed and International Code Council Certified staff that is experienced and well-educated in the construction field.  Our vast knowledge and credentials enable us to produce a reliable work product that is completed in a timely and thorough manner.

We provide baseline schedules, progress updates, as well as documenting critical path delays.  Our Time Impact Analysis reports have enabled clients to recover general conditions costs and receive contract time extensions.  Additionally, we conduct CPM scheduling peer reviews, run risk analysis reports, evaluate schedule log reports, and review schedule delay claims.

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